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Urban Classics Dollar Necklace Urban Classics Dollar Necklace
Brand: Urban Classics Model: TB2959
This golden dollar necklace should be part of any real streetwear style, as well as cargo pants and snapback cap. The necklace is particular elaborately made. Its focus lies on its mighty golden dollar sign pendant, which hangs on a fine golden chain. To boost the effect, the pendant has been pimped..
Urban Classics Padlock Necklace Urban Classics Padlock Necklace
Brand: Urban Classics Model: TB3294
With acquiring this golden necklace, you’ll get a matching lock at the same time! Naturally, it will be quite impossible to lose the necklace, unless you tend to lose your head, too – and not just proverbially. The golden lock draws looks, so it will surely attract the attention you want from it. Al..
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